Product Name:Methylated Resveratrol SR
 Product ID:BNM-24
 Product Price:68.53
 methyl_resveratrol_srMethylated Resveratrol - SR

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Methylated resveratrol is a bioflavonoid complex containing three synergistic antioxidants:  pterostilbene (methylated resveratrol), resveratrol and quercetin.  The latter two ingredients are present in a controlled-delivery form available from new, patent pending technology that results in improved uptake and stability with more pronounced benefits.  The three compounds are being studied extensively in the areas of cardiovascular health, cell replication, capillary integrity and anti-aging.

Clinical Applications:

* Methylation provides significant improvement in absorption and stability
* Powerful antioxidant support * Supports healthy cellular function
* Produces changes associated with longer lifespan (including activation of sirtuins)
* Supports cardiovascular/neurological health
* anti-inflammatory