Product Name:Optimag ALB 125
 Product ID:BNM-28
 Product Price:23.05
 bottle_optimagOptiMag ALB 125

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Magnesium is the second most abundant mineral in the body.  It is involved in over 200 enzymatic processes, including the production ATP for energy and optimal rhythmic function of cardiac and vascular muscle.  Optimag ALB 125 is Beck Natural Medicine's  proprietary blend of albion's patented form of ,magnesium chelazome, a true chelated magnesium, and the recently introduced, innovative dimagnesium malate (patent pending).  Albion is the only company that has researched, developed and patented true magnesium chelates.

Clinical Applications:

* Cardiovascular health
* Healthy muscle function/healthy nerve conduction
* Bone health
* Support energy production
* Support healthy blood sugar
* Correct dietary magnesium deficiency (very prevalent)