Product Name:Pro ALA-CR
 Product ID:BNM-32
 Product Price:57.55
 bottle_pro_alaPro ALA-CR

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Pro ALA-CR, a potent oxidative stress antagonist, is a proprietary, orally active, controlled-release formulation of racemic a-lipoic acid (containing both R and S-enantiomers) that has a pharmacokinetic advantage over other alpha-lipoic acid formulas.  Other brands are cleared from the plasma within two-three hours; whereas, Pro ALA-CR remains in the plasma for four to six hours.  

Clinical Applications: 

* Neutralizes oxygen radicals, ionized metals and a variety of other free radicals
* Coenzyme for whole body glucose utilization
* Increases intracellular glutathione levels reduced by aging, diseases, moderate/strenuous exercise
* Reduces oxidative stress that leads to diabetic neuropathy, etc.
* Regenerates vitamins C & E and maintain balance between oxidized and reduced coq10