Product Name:Relaxotime
 Product ID:BNM-40
 Product Price:32.40

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Relaxotime (n-ethyl-l-glutamine) is a naturally-occurring, biologically active, free-form amino acid that gives green tea its characteristic taste.  Beck Natural Medicine's relaxotime is suntheanine, protected by over 40 U.S. and international patents for its various physiological efficacies and l-isomer specific production processes.  Although its notoriety is for its relaxation support; relaxotime also appears to display a neuropharmacology suggestive of a possible neuroprotective and cognitive-enhancing agent. 

Clinical Applications: 

* Supports subjective feelings of tranquility in healthy people
* support healthy neurotransmitter levels
* Support healthy nervous system function
* Support healthy cholesterol metabolism
* Support safety and efficacy of certain chemotherapeutic drugs
* Hepato-protection