Product Name:ZymeZyme 60 caps
 Product ID:BNM-56
 Product Price:18.11

ZymeZyme is the most potent, cost-effective, non-prescription, broad spectrum, non-animal-derived digestive enzyme formula on the market.  Each capsule is packed to the maximum with lipase, proteases, lactase and alpha galactosidase.  The latter also contains dipeptidyl peptidase IV.  Unlike porcine pancreatin, which only works in a narrow pH, ZymeZyme works in a wide range of pH.

Clinical Applications
* Supports healthy digestion of macronutrients and enhances nutrient absorption
* Helps decrease gas and bloating
* Supports breakdown of lactose
* Supports breakdown of sugars in beans and cruciferous vegetables
* Helps support pancreatic and brush border enzyme function