Product Name:D3-5K
 Product ID:BNM-8
 Product Price:17.95

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D3-5K contains 5000 IU per softgel.  D3-5K is provided as cholecalciferol, identical to the form in which it is derived in the body from cholesterol and synthesized by sunlight on the skin.

Clinical Applications:

* D3 (cholecalciferol) provides 300% more potency than D2 (ergocalciferol)
* Bone health
* Support musculosketal comfort dietary deficiency/limited sunlight exposure
* Repletion of vitamin D with depleting drugs (eg. steroids, antacids, barbiturates, anticonvulsants, calcium-channel blockers etc.)
* Modulation of immune function
* Chemoprotection, CV risk reduction