Product Name:Zyto Handle Cradle
 Product ID:Zyto-1
 Product Price:175.00
 zytocradelZyto Hand Cradle

The Zyto Hand Cradle is available to those patients who wish to enjoy their Zyto Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS)  from the comfort of their own home.   Should a patient purchase this cradle, we will give him/her 1 hour free virtual scanning consult.  Since a 1 hour screening is typically $155, that means the total out-of-pocket expense to set up a home virtual clinic is a one time charge of only $20. Contact the Beck Natural Medicine clinic for more details.

We utilize only the time-of-the-line Zyto LSA Pro System.

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Click here for the directions on how to set up your virtual home-based Zyto scanning system.  A password is required to access.

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